What Does a Name Card Reveal About Your Business?

A business card printing is not an innocuous object, but rather the marketing tool most used by entrepreneurs. Even in the digital age, this little piece of paper still materializes a first name contact and the exchange of cards remains a tradition in many professional circles. It is therefore an indispensable communication tool that must not be underestimated. Beyond the indications of the person met, it conveys the image of the company. Its style and quality contribute to creating a positive first impression.

4 key tips for creating a high-quality business card

More than just a business card

Your professional name card printing is your professional ID card: it details who you are and what your role is in your company.

But beyond the practical information featured about you and your company (name, logo, address, phone, email, and website), it must recall what makes your company special.

So make sure your card has that extra soul (or failing that, a memorable slogan) that makes a difference. Make it interesting and unique so it doesn’t end up in the bottom of a drawer or the wastebasket. After all, its main objective is to encourage your customers to get back in touch.

A neat graphical design

Choose an elegant yet readable font: some scripts that are too small or sophisticated are difficult to read while others will make you look like an amateur. Think about size, line spacing, and letter spacing to create graphical consistency.

The choice of colors depends on the impression you want to create. Are your colors toned or neutral, aggressive or distinguished, modern or classic? Feel free to use your logo to set the tone and harmony.

The combination of your logo, the choice of colors, and the design, allow for a graphic chart that will be available in all your commercial supports online and on paper. As such, to provide a coherent picture, it is would be more convenient to plan before creating it.

The reading orientation and size of the card: a card with an unconventional shape will certainly attract the eye and the interest of the one who receives it, but in return, there is a good chance that it will not fit in his wallet.

Quality materials

Thick cardboard (300g minimum), soft to the touch or 100% recycled cardboard, of ecological production will already be an indication of the values conveyed by your company.

Depending on your trade, you can opt for unexpected materials such as metal, polyester, wood, steel, fabric, or atypical finishes such as laser cutting, transparent cards, round, openwork shapes, etc. Of course the price will be higher but your card will be all the more memorable as it will be in perfect harmony with your activity. This can be a profitable marketing investment.

Avoid copying the first visual you’ll find on the internet, no matter how nice it looks. Hundreds of other people have already used it before you. Don’t forget that everything is about you: your choice of design, material, texture and finish … is already an indicator of your attention to detail.

Impeccable in all circumstances

  • Protect your business cards in a box specifically designed for card storage. This will prevent you from exchanging debarked, dusty or plucky cards.
  • The amount of care you put in preserving and storing your business cards is proof of the amount of attention you pay to every task you perform. This will not fail to impress a future customer or partner.