What is the Truth? Can Agencies Influence our Decision-making and Thinking?

Branding has become a kind of cultural phenomenon, which people have learned to deal with in their daily lives. Societies have learned to cope with all the brands and advertisements created by experts or advertising and design agencies like Mandreel.com.

Although it may seem a shocking fact, people are influenced daily by more than 3000 ads and advertising campaigns of different types of brands. Unknowingly, people are receiving ads from almost anywhere imaginable, from television, through social networks, and even in some mobile applications.

However, the reason for this amazing data is due to the marketing strategies that are designed and implemented by professional agencies or experts in the area of advertising. The advertising strategies are elaborated to define the “why”, the “what”, the “how”, the “where”, the “when”, and the “who” should see the advertisements of a specific brand.

Only in this way can advertising campaigns create a current of thought and empathy, where brands can generate a real and lasting connection with the public.

Rational Animals?

Defining people as rational, reasoning animals is not entirely a lie, but it is an inconclusive definition. Human beings also make decisions based on feelings and the stimulation of emotions.

This is where agencies like Mandreel, take an important role, as they use the emotional aspect of people to create effective advertising campaigns that can decisively influence the will of the people.

For this reason, everything revolves around the image, the image that brands project to society. The image of a brand generates an emotional and genuine impact on people. Only in this way, through advertising campaigns, brands can influence people’s purchase decisions.

How does branding influence people?

As we have already mentioned, branding agencies such as Mandreel, appeal to people’s emotions, feelings, and sentimentality to influence their purchase decisions and this is only possible through effective advertising campaigns.

However, even though the most important “battles” arise to affect the emotional, branding campaigns also use rational arguments so that people can justify themselves, their decisions, and buying behaviors.

For this reason, most advertising campaigns use elements that are visually stimulating, positive, beautiful, and cause satisfaction and happiness in people when they receive information from a specific brand.

It is an effective way for people to identify with the values of the brands, feel empathy, and a genuine connection. Only in this way can brands gain loyal consumers and capture the attention of potential consumers.

Is branding harmful?

Although branding has many voices against it, due to issues such as consumption, sexism, compulsive buying, and many other things, branding offers important benefits to societies. Although people’s negative thoughts toward branding campaigns are often very useful for societies that want to spread an important message. 

With the work done by agencies like www.mandreel.com, creating efficient and appropriate advertising campaigns, people’s purchasing capabilities are improved, commercial innovation is encouraged and purchasing processes are simplified, especially in the current modern era where people are witnessing constant technological and Internet evolution.